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Hi, my name is Dan Goulet.  I have had several types of jobs throughout my life but the one constant is that I have always been creating … sometimes silver gelatin prints when film was the only way to make photographs, doodles in the edges of notebooks, sketch books and painting.   I moved onto digital photography as we all had to but the digital manipulation of the images did not give me the feeling like I was creating something tangible.  Once I discovered large format photography and the slow deliberate process it requires I finally found absolute joy making images.  I love the creative avenues that are opened up with large negatives and alternative processes.  I discovered wet plate photography, that same process they used during the Civil War.  The process can be really difficult but had an aesthetic that speaks to me while providing the feeling of really making something.  My practice still involves painting, drawing, film and digital photography but my current work is really focused on storytelling and celebrating people using the wet plate process.

I would love to hear form you….comments or critiques.